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Creek Bed Farmacy offers handpicked Holstein cattle that are provided a safe home, clean water, fresh grass hay, soybeans and corn that we raise ourselves.  We also grain-finish our steers which creates well-marbled, tender, and flavorful beef.  The result is sweet, buttery tasting beef that customers enjoy.  We sell our dry-aged beef in quarters, halves and whole steers.


From Farm to Fork 

Our cattle are:

  • not given any animal by-products

  • fed a purely vegetarian diet

  • free of growth hormone implants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics

  • minimally processed

  • free of additives, preservatives, tenderizers, red dyes or shelf-life extenders

  • dry-aged

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Ordering Beef

Quarter Beef (225 lbs to 260 lbs hanging weight)

$3.00/lb. hanging weight + processing | $100 Reservation Fee


Half  Beef (450 lbs to 520 lbs hanging weight)

$2.95/lb. hanging weight + processing | $200 Reservation Fee


Whole Beef (900 lbs to 1040 lbs hanging weight)

$2.90/lb. hanging weight  + processing | $300 Reservation Fee

Please Note:
Beef prices are subject to change according to the market.

beef pricing

Our Custom Processing

Do you remember the good old days when your sweet Aunt Millie went down to the local butcher shoppe, and had that roast she was going to serve trimmed just the way she wanted it?


This is not a thing of the past! Our processor still cuts the beef according to our customer's preferences. Do you want your steaks 1" or 2"? Do you want your 2-3lb. roasts or 3-4lb. roasts?

Just let us know!


We process our steers at local WI state inspected facilities, where experienced meat cutters dry-age our beef for peak tenderness and flavor, and then carefully trim and expertly cut.


If you're only ordering a quarter or half, we will use the processor that the majority of customers prefer.  For whole steer orders only, you will pick up your beef directly from the processor of your choice.

Our Processors of Choice


Lodi, WI

We haul the steers to Lodi

Butcher fee $150

Processing fee 79¢ / lb.

Double wrapped in freezer film & butcher paper

Dry aged 2 weeks

T: 608-592-3534



Spring Green, WI

Prem Meats comes to farm

Butchering fee $190

Processing fee 89¢ / lb.

Vacuum sealed & shrink wrapped in clear packaging.

Dry aged 2 weeks

T: 608-588-2164


How We Process Payment:

Once we take the steer to the processor, they will process it according to the instructions on your order form. When the processor gives us your hanging weight, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of your payment to us. 


The processor will give you a call when your beef is ready for pick up, and will invoice you separately for the processing cost of the beef (please check with them on the exact cost).  Please remember to bring coolers to transfer the beef home with.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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