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 Quarter Beef  $2.85/lb. hanging weight  $100 Deposit
 Half Beef  $2.80/lb. hanging weight  $200 Deposit
 Whole Beef  $2.75/lb. hanging weight  $300 Deposit


Please Note:  

Beef Prices are Subject to Change According to the Market.

If you have multiple parties going in together on a whole beef, we will send out one invoice to the main contact and will take one check for payment.  It is the main contact's responsibility to collect payment from the rest of the parties.

If you wish to order beef, please contact us first.  We will let you know approximately how soon the beef will be available.  We will also discuss which processor you're interested in using.  We will call that processor and find out how far out they are booked for butchering (typically 2 - 4 weeks out).  We will also go over that processor's order form with you.  There are many ways to to customize your order, and we are here to answer any questions.  Then you may send your order form and deposit to us.  Please mail it to:


Creek Bed Farm, LLC

N2760 Mountford Rd.

Poynette, WI 53955


Once we take the steer to the processor, they will process it according to the instructions on your order form. When the processor gives us your hanging weight, we will send you an invoice for the remainder of your payment to us. 


The processor will give you a call when your beef is ready for pick up, and will invoice you separately for the processing cost of the beef (please check with them on the exact cost).  Please remember bring coolers to transfer the beef home with.




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