Why Holstein?


Holsteins are a very hardy breed of cattle, which is a huge benefit considering we do not give our steers any antibiotics, hormones or steroids.  Plus, the Holstein is a larger-framed animal and the steaks are bigger than with other breeds. In addition, Holsteins produce a leaner meat than other breeds (yielding 25-30% less trimmable fat) making it attractive to calorie-conscience consumers.(1). They store a majority of their fat in the muscle, which causes exceptional marbling. Other breeds tend to store wasteful fat on the outside of steaks. By raising Holsteins Steers for Beef, we provide tender, buttery, flavorful, lean beef.

Things to know about Holstein beef:

  • Most of the sub-primal cuts require little or no trimming to get them down to the ¼” trim level.
  • Holsteins represent the largest, most homogenous group of cattle in the beef industry.
  • Industry graders commonly indicate that Holstein steers generally have higher marbling scores than beef breeds. (Marbling is the amount of intramuscular fat that the animal has. Marbling is partly responsible for the flaver and tenderness of beef cuts.)
  • Our beef consistently scores at upper choice & prime as a result of our fine-tuned feeding program.

1) Dvorak, Norval. 1991. Opportunities for marketing Holstein beef. In: The Proceedings of the Holstein Beef Production Symposium. Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service, Cooperative Extension, Ithaca, NY. p. 1-5.





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