We invite you to visit our twisty turning 18 acres and more than 6 miles of paths corn maze as well as 2 acre Kiddy Corn Maze.  Every year we come up with a brand new and unique corn maze design for our guests to enjoy.  Maps are available and you can play our punch card trivia game which is also available to play on your phone.

 Come experience Wisconsin's largest corn maze!

Creek Bed Corn Maze Icon
Creek Bed Country Farmacy Corn Maze

So Many Other Things To Do!

After going through the maze, we have many activities in the Play Yard. You'll have hours of family fun while playing old fashioned games, climbing on our hand-made wooden play structures or tire obstacle course, roping steers, or playing in the corn sensory tables.

18 Acre Corn Maze
2 Acre Corn Maze
75' Gunny Sack Slide
Culvert Swing
Teeter Totter
Tic-Tac-Toe Tables
Pumpkin Bowling
40' Tunnel Slide
Cat & Mouse Game
Human Hamster Wheel
Wooden Play Structures
Corn Hole
Bean Bag Toss

Steer Roping
Corn Tables
Monkey Bars
Tire Playground
Human Foosball
Giant Checkers
Skee Ball
Spookley the Square
Pumpkin Movie
Giant Connect Four
Spookley the Square
Hippity-Hop Corral

Remember to grab some yummy eats!


Creek Bed Country Farmacy Corn Maze Rules

Allow an average of 90 minutes to complete the maze:  Please don't enter if you are in a hurry to be somewhere.  Relax & enjoy your adventure and always remember… there is a way out!

No Smoking in the maze or on the farm at any time!  Dry plant material could pose a fire hazard.

No Alcohol, Drugs, Profanity, or persons under the influence.  We reserve the right to remove anyone not behaving in an appropriate manner.

Wear Proper Shoes!  The paths are rough and bumpy, hiking shoes are the footwear of choice.  Open toed shoes are not recommended.

No Children Under The Age of 16 will be allowed at Creek Bed Country Farmacy unaccompanied.  We have a strict no "drop-off" policy.  Adults and parents, you are responsible for the children you bring with you. Please stay with your children to make sure they do not get lost. You are responsible for the behavior of your children.  All unaccompanied children (under the age of 16) will be taken to the ticket booth to wait for their chaperones - and they may be given a free kitten.

Refrain From Running in the maze.  There are many sharp corners and running will likely cause a collision or other accidents!

Please Stay On The Paths!  Cutting through the corn damages the maze and ruins the fun for others.  You may also, unknowingly, walk out in front of one of our hayride tractors. 

No Pets Allowed in the maze or on the farm (with the exception of trained service dogs).  They could pose a threat to others or to our livestock.

Flashlights are required for the night-time maze.  If you do not bring one, you must purchase one.

Please Do Not Pick, Throw, or Damage the corn.  You may eat the corn for survival purposes only!

Please Keep The Maze Clean and use the trash cans provided.

Have Fun and be courteous to others!

Creek Bed Country Farmacy Play Yard Rules

Slides: Both the 75' Gunny Sack Slide & the 40' Tub Slide, visitors may only go down one at a time & feet first.  Please make sure the person in front of you has cleared the bottom of the slide before going down.  Gunny Sacks are required for the Gunny Sack slide and must be returned to the barrell at the entrance of the slide.

Swings: Do not stand on them.

Staw Bale Mountain: It is for climbing only.  No trying to push other people off.

Human Hamster Wheels: Only 2 people per wheel.  Do not push the people inside of the wheel from behind.  Stay off of the track until the wheels are touching a straw bale at the end, and then proceed to an empty wheel.

Play Yard: Please return all play yard toys to where you found them.  If anything is damaged or broken, please alert our play yard attendant.

Hay Ride Rules:  Remain seated while the tractor is moving. Keep arms in the wacon. Do not exit the wagon until the tractor is stopped.

We want you to have an enjoyable day at Creek Bed Country Farmacy. Please heed these rules and suggestions which were put in place so that the maze is safe and fun for you -  and will also be preserved for future visitors.  An enormous amount of work has gone into creating the maze for you.


Please keep this in mind when visiting our family's farm.  Anyone NOT following the rules will be asked to leave the Farmacy without a refund.  Please go over these rules with your guests as well.