Strawberry Varieties

We have chosen seven basic varieties to grow based on how well they'll produce in our soil type and climate, flavor and berry size.  (We like a large berry so you may fill your trays in the shortest possible time.)  

Daroyal is our earliest berry.  It is a fairly new variety from France.  They Daroyal has a large, beautiful red berry. It has an excellent flavor similar to honeoye.


Honeoye is our second earliest. It has a strong flavor, very dark red in color and red all the way through. Honeoye will normally ripen with a green tip early in the season but as the season progresses it turns dark red. Because of its strong flavor and deep red color, Honeoye makes a very good freezing and jam berry.


Cavendish ripens about four days later than Honeoye. It is our sweetest, most consistently large, and best yielding berry. Sometimes in very hot weather it will ripen with a white shoulder but this does not affect the taste. Cavendish is an excellent berry for all uses.


Jewell is our latest berry of the season and the name is very appropriate - a true gem. It is a very large, bright red berry with a very traditional strawberry taste. It is very well suited for all uses and its firmness allows it to store well.


Galetta ripens early season and produces large sized berries.  It has an attractive, glossy fruit and an amazing flavor profile.


Cabot strawberries have a very wide & firm, rich-red fruit.  They are so delicious!


Flavorfest is a mid-season variety, with pleasantly plump, bright-red fruits.  These berries have first-rate flavor and awesome yields!


Malwina, developed in Germany, is a high quality, very late season variety (at least 7 days later than other varieties). Fruits are glossy and dark red having excellent flavor.  The berries are large and hold berry size well through the season.


Earliglow "Wonderful strawberry flavor" is Earliglows's trademark.  This variety produces fruit that has a firm, glossy skin, firm flesh, and medium size. Its sweet flavor makes the variety excellent for fresh eating and freezing.









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