Sugar Snap Peas


Fresh Sugar Snap Peas are now available at Creek Bed Country Farmacy.  The field is located right next to the U-Pick check out station on the South side of the farm. 

Sugar snap peas are tender juicy pods used in many culinary dishes such as pasta, salads, lightly steamed or simply enjoyed as a raw snack. Sugar snap peas differ from snow peas in that their pods are round as opposed to flat. Pods typically contain three to five peas per pod and the peas are bigger than the unformed peas that are in snow pea pods. These edible pods are sweeter and larger than snow peas and bursting with flavor. They are an enjoyable, crunchy snack packed with vitamins, fiber and texture.

You will want to select pods with a bright green color and smooth skin. The pods should be full, not flat. Carefully pull the pea from the vine, while holding the vine with your other hand so you don’t pull the plant from the ground. 

Price:  $4 / quart





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